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Timeless products with instant brand recognition

Dog n Suds offers such a rich history in its 65 years of excellence of both customer service and products, that people drive near and far to keep this tradition alive. We are excited about the opportunity to help others build their very own Dog n Suds and add another chapter to our story!


The Drive-in Experience

Our drive-in style restaurants offer a truly unique experience for our customers and a strong advantage over other fast food offerings. Customers pull in to our welcoming and colorful canopy, press the button on our 1950s-style intercom, and are able to wait in the comfort of their own vehicle after placing their order. When ready, their made-to-order food is delivered hot and fresh by a friendly carhop with a comforting smile. Customers can sit back and wash down their tasty Coney Dog with a hand-crafted Dog n Suds Root Beer served in our iconic frosted mugs!


Never going out of style

Our often-seasonal business model means that Dog n Suds Opening Day is what marks the beginning of Spring for our community markets each year. Literally thousands load up the family and flock from miles around on Opening Week to wait in long lines just to get their hands on some Coney Dogs and Root Beer. This kind of buzz attracts local news stations and journalists that are eager to document this lively community spectacle!

Where we Thrive

Dog n Suds is tailor-made for small markets and can quickly become a community gathering place. Almost all our locations host annual community events ranging from fundraisers, classic car shows, company outings and more. Local sports teams, community groups, and churches love making Dog n Suds their meeting place. We find that Dog n Suds restaurants are best suited for areas with a good mix and residential and retail traffic. Regarding real estate, we find that drive-by traffic traveling below 45 mph is ideal for a drive-in restaurant. Areas with an established customer base or those that have had a previous experience with Dog n Suds tend to perform even stronger.

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